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A little about us at Scented Delights Wax

We started off 5 years ago making wax melts in our kitchen at home in Hull as a hobby, once the confidence grew we handed out some of the wax melts to family and friends, the feedback was so overwhelmingly positive that we decided to sell them!

Our small business previously named Sam’s Scented Delights expanded from there, first we grew in the variety of scents we offered including perfumes and aftershaves, fruit and food then cleaning scents.

We then decided to take the plunge and start creating more products, our bath bombs were a lot of trial and error, we would never sell something we wouldn’t use ourselves and only if we are 100% happy with them, but after many tweaks we created highly scented fizzing and foaming bath bombs that our customers love!

What started as a hobby has now grown into a full time job and successful business, stocking many different products including wax melts, hearts, snap bars, bath bombs, soap sponges, room sprays, shower scrubs, gift boxes, mystery bags, hoover discs, Christmas baubles, Grinch Wreaths and so much more.

Thank you for your continued support, the customers and the feedback are what helped get us here, you help to keep us doing what we love!